Chalkboard Christmas Baubles

12 Days of Christmas Ideas 2016 – Day 12

With all the chalkboard ideas amongst our 2016 collection it only seemed natural that we brought this look to the Christmas tree as well. A very simple little D.I.Y project to do, all you need are some unwanted Christmas tree baubles, gold paint, chalkboard paint, a chalkboard pen and some time for the paint to dry. I began by carefully removing the top piece, from which the bauble hangs and then painted that gold. I then painted the main part of the bauble with chalkboard paint. Making sure I allowed plenty of drying time between each coat, each piece received two coats of paint.Once they had fully dried I carefully put the two pieces back together. I then used the chalkboard pen to decorate them.


Overall, a very simple project – unless you get carried away with your chalkboard pen design. If you love this look, but don’t have the time or inkling to make your own, don’t fret we currently have these on sale in our Etsy store – check out our store for these and our other handcrafted items or contact us directly.

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