Counting Down To Christmas – Advent Calendars

12 Days of Christmas Ideas – Day 1

Once again the countdown to Christmas is almost upon us.   I often say to my clients that the build up to their special occasion should be just as enjoyable as the celebration itself.  Naturally there are different activities to be enjoyed during these two different periods of time, but I believe that if you can enjoy the planning stage and build up a positive anticipation for the celebration then when the day actually arrives you get to enjoy it so much more, and to me Christmas is exactly the same.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with the Advent Calendar.  I have fond memories, as a child, of opening the little doors on our cardboard advent calendars to see the little Christmas themed picture inside.  Nowadays it is to get the chocolate – which I’m not so fond of because the focus seems to be more on the chocolate rather than the thing we are actually counting down to.  For this reason I’ve made an advent calendar that can be used again and again and that I can add my own treats to.  While I still intend on having a few chocolates, I plan to add activities that I can do with my family to build up the anticipation for Christmas.

So here are my Top 5 Favourite Advent Calendar Designs along with my Top 5 Suggestions for what can go in them:


A simple yet effective Advent Calender. I like the way they have added just a few ornaments to dress it up.

As seen on: A Few Things From My Life

Kaisercraft Advent Calendar

I saw this idea in the Spotlight catalogue. I like the little draws and the ability to create a display in the centre.

 As seen on: Spotlight

Peg Advent Calendar

Another simple yet effective idea. You could peg up any item that takes your fancy. Little cards, ornaments for the tree, little gifts or even sweets.

As seen on: I Heart Nap Time

Cone Tree Advent Calendar

I love this idea. While I might consider adding numbers, I think it is such a creative way to countdown to Christmas and it doubles as a decorative Christmas display too.

As seen on: Pink Suede Shoe


This is my favourite Advent Calendar. The different sized boxes leave the possibilities for filling them wide open.

As seen on: Mod Podge Rocks

Top 5 Suggestions:

  • Build Gingerbread Houses
  • Read a Christmas Story
  • Watch a Christmas DVD with special snacks to eat
  • Go to see the Christmas Lights
  • Bake Christmas Cookies together

We’d love to hear what ideas you might have for your Advent Calendar, please add these to the comments below and have an enjoyable countdown to Christmas.

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