No Mantle Stocking Hangers

12 Days of Christmas Ideas 2016 – Day 6


I have this picture in my mind of Christmas Stockings hanging from the mantle piece as a cosy fire burns gently below. Sadly that is not something that happens in our house because we don’t have a fireplace. The best we have been able to manage until now is to hang them from a drawing pin in the Lounge wall. Not the best solution from someone who loves to decorate. As I thought about this Christmas Idea I realised that, in New Zealand at least, fire places with mantle pieces are becoming more and more rare. New houses don’t tend to have them put in and old houses are taking them out in favour of heat pumps. Which, don’t get me wrong, is good for the environment and all but it does make the romantic in me a little sad. So, inspired by the many ideas out there for stocking hangers, and my need to save our walls from being attacked by drawing pins once again, I set out to make these very simple Chalkboard Stocking Hangers out of photo frames.


All you need to make one of these cute Chalkboard Stocking Hangers is:

  • a sturdy wooden photo frame, with wooden back board, that can take the weight of a stocking,
  • some chalkboard paint,
  • a screw in hook
  • some chalk or a chalk pen.

Remove the glass and back board from the frame. Paint the back board with the chalkboard paint. Once it’s dried, reassemble the frame. Use the chalk or chalk pen to decorate the chalkboard with your family’s names or other festive words. Then lastly screw the hook into the centre front of the frame. All that is left to do is position them on a bookshelf, cabinet or bench and hang the stockings.

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